Different Race Horse Breeds

In this article we have listed 6 different race horse breeds and provided some details about each one.

Name/Breed Colour/Height/ DOB More Information
Belcam Coalac Stallion Bay 17hh 2000

He is a double function horse, and has a beautiful caring manner. He is incredibly keen to get trained and has an extraordinarily competent front stroke. He is very successful at reproducing. His oldest child is 6 years old, and his brood have won several events, including SJ, Hacking and Infant Mounts.

Jirrima Always Stallion Chestnut 16.2hh 2005

Calm, ancient personality and first gave birth to the black gelding J.Eskimo Joe who is real pleasure.

Jirrima Candyman Stallion Chest 2007

His presence is just delightful!

Arundel House Zermat Stallion Chest 15hh 1986

Zam has participated in highly developed level dressage, which has been categorised as Trainee Events. In addition, Zam has returned to the Australian Champion Dressage, Sidesaddle, and Highest Five Under Saddle. He owns an Ultimate Move of Quality and was the Greatest Halter and Saddle horse. He was a part of the Australian Paralympic Dressage Team alongside Judy Hogan in 2000.

He has had some major achievements.

HP Lonzo Stalllion Bay 17.2hh 1989

A gorgeous tender genius. He is certainly the child of Lander because he clearly looks like his father. He is a very strong runner with an easy going personality. Lonzo has an A listed performance lineage.

He has lucratively participated in eventing, dressage, halter and hacking