Horse Riding Benefits

According to The Great Sir Winston Churchill: “There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man”.

Horse riding might appear to be simple from the outside; it looks like all the rider does is sits on a horse and provides it with easy commands like move, whoa, and twist. In transporting the rider the horse is conducting all the work, correct? Incorrect! There is much more to horse riding than the relaxed spectator may anticipate. Plus, there are advantages more than basic pleasure; physically and psychologically.

Horse Riding Benefits


Horse riding improves stability and dexterity. The actions necessary to signal a horse needs body consciousness. Riding uses many muscles too; most importantly the leg, abdominal, shoulder and back muscles. Riding isn’t just solely dependent on muscle power, however, solid supple muscles assist in firmness and dexterity. The majority of new riders tend to discover that their inside thigh muscles, especially the gracilis muscle, become tender, although this muscle rapidly becomes relaxed and toughened.

Horse riding at a walk pace invigorates the internal organs similar to walking on foot. This helps support liver function and digestion, hence it is an extremely good choice of therapy for disabled people. You burn lots of calories, approximately 5 calories per minute for a 150 pound woman (ref). If you intensify the pace and distance you ride then you will intensify the strength of your work out; therefore burn more calories. You can assess the number of calories you burned riding or caring for your horse with Calorie Count calculators.

Horse riding is a type of activity for people of any age group. Plenty of people reach their mid years and eventually have the time and money to fulfil their wishes of riding or possessing a horse. With correct tutoring and assistance people in their forties plus can definitely learn to ride or drive. Plenty of pensioners have ridden or driven into their ‘golden years’ with a desired horse friend.

When you groom, tidy stables, transport saddles, equipment or packages of hay you are performing weight bearing exercise, which assists in maintain bone mass. While riding, grooming and mucking out are great exercises, plenty of riders that hope to race at advanced levels find it advantageous doing weight lifting plus essential strength training like yoga and Pilates.


To begin with you might think that learning the basics – for example, staying on and manouerving the horse, is a difficult. However, once you master this, plenty more learning chances offer themselves. Once you develop with riding and horse possession you will constantly have queries and difficulties. Even really skilled riders confess that there are continually new things to learn.

Evidence has revealed that lifetime learning might stop loss of memory. Similar to your muscles, your brain requires exercise to remain youthful and flexible. Riding supplies a vigorous opportunity for keeping your brain exercised and can give plenty of chances for achievement. Regardless of what you learn about riding, you will feel great about what you are engaging in.

Horse Riding Benefits


Plenty of people feel that a horse connects them with nature. Plenty find friendship and comfort whilst spending time with their horses. Even though riding can be frustrating and challenging, the majority of riders find it a soothing hobby. The solidarity of people that love related interests is alluring too. It is exciting getting together with associates for a lesson, team ventures like mounted games, drill riding, or a trail ride.

If you are the sort of person that desires privacy, riding or driving can offer this too. Plenty of horse owners consider their horse as a kindred soul that is in connected with their own moods and feelings; above any human friend. During stressful periods a horse can be a silent companion, who non-judgemental and loving.